Heist and Run – Intro Trailer

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February 7, 2013 5:32 pm Published by

Heist and Run is a casual action and racing game that put you inside a crazy car moving in a pre-apocalyptic world streets, running from police and getting items along the road, while trying avoid others cars.

In a non distant future, humanity finds itself in an economic collapse. Big corporations install a new government system, getting almost all resources that is left in the world, leaving people with nothing. The misery spread around the globe and any tries of rebellion is repelled with terrible agression.

But, when people lost their hope, a renegade hero appears to save the world, in search of redemption, justice… and a bunch of coins.

Now, James Carbon, some kind of ‘Robin Hood’ in four wheels, challenges the private police of these big corps, recovering all the money that should belong to the population… the streets of Danger City will never be the same.


More information soon, the game is finished and will be available in Apple Store in a few days.
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